I Often Ask Why Me Lord? Now I Know

by Faith The Poetess

I often ask the question why me LORD? Why do I go though these things in life? I try to treat everybody right. But some where I seems to fail, I try to forgive and forget know matter how hard I try there are still some things unveiled. Things that happen to me are sometimes un- believe, so I fall on my face and cry to get relieved. I fall on my knees to surrender; I pray for forgiveness; I cry because I'm hurting; I'm hurting because I try; I surrender because I'm tired and dreary; please LORD help me from looking so weary.

LORD what is my purpose here? What is it that you want me to do? Tell me, show me, lead me, and guide me to you. So many people are so blind; so many people have lost their mind; so many people are so bright; but yet LORD they fail to see the light. I have heard the saying that you should not question you LORD, then whom should I ask? For you are my personal savior. For so many years I was blind, I thank you LORD that you opened up my eyes. I say why LORD? I have often tried to give love, look for love, and get nothing in return.

Now I know I was looking in all the wrong places and giving it to all the wrong faces. One night you came to me LORD, and placed on my heart a word. In order to love, you must first love yourself, believe in yourself and know who you are in order to be heard. LORD I take my problems to man, LORD when you were there just waiting to take my hand. If only I had known when all else fails read the instruction your word. Then all my heart aches and pain would have gone undisturbed.

For so long LORD I have had these spiritual warfare dreams didn't understand why, so afraid, felt smothered, couldn't talk, and that's how I learned to fight with my spirited mind and my LORD you were with me all the time. LORD I know now out of all the things I have been through, you were building me up to stand so I can only walk and talk at your command. I often ask why LORD? I try to stay mad and can't. Why do I forgive and forget so easy? Some people have said I have let down my guard. Now I know I am a child of God. Now I know you were only getting me ready to stand, Now that you know my child take my hand. Now I know you are with me no matter what I go through in life. Now that you know my child, fight in my word and not in strife. Now I know real Love and truth is in you. Now that you know my child go out and show proof. Now that you have put me to the test. I surrender LORD now place me under arrest. I'm guilty, I'm guilty, and I'm guilty.

Thoughts of Christ
Written by Faith The Poetess
Forever Always I Trust Him....
Very first one written

I Often Ask Why Me Lord? Now I Know by Faith The Poetess

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