Always Thinking About You

by Faith The Poetess

Always thinking about you from day one you made me sunny and true. As time progress I'm constantly thinking more and more about you. Can this be love at first sight or maybe your touch and your bite, the way you please me makes me feel so at ease and when I'm in your presence you give me a dose of your medicine, pure sweetness of you. You are so different from all the rest it feels so good when you lay you head in my chest, when you hold me you make me feel secure, and I love being with you that's for sure.

Talking too you is like birds singing, seeing you just keeps me dreaming. Ahh you see, your are very charming and it's so amazing, ahh it feels so crazy, because I'm always thinking about you. The mere essences of you are over me, and the smile that you share I can't compare. Your gentleness comes one in a million; your thoughtfulness one in a trillion. Picture me and you holding hands, kissing and saying to each other, just the two of us Standing under this big pavilion.

You make me think on a whole another level, which makes you very clever. The concern you show is no front it's you, a true sweet spirit that lies within you. You might not know what you do to me, that's why I'm writing this exclusively to you from me. I stumble up on something good I plan to keep. Stay sweet and unique and my long wildest dreams will be complete. Don't change a thing stay as you are peace, love and happiness for you lies afar. You motivate me, you bring me joy, you make me smile like a child with a new toy.

The illusion of you makes me feel like the queen of the Nile. That's why I call you my lover which makes me proud. You are a person of many colors, it takes a special person to pay close attention to discover. You are like a jig saw puzzle that comes with big pieces, reminds me of the chocolate candy that is known as Reese. Where have you been my whole life? I searched for you, in the mist of searching I paid the price. Out of know where you appear, out of the blue, that's why I do know dreams do come true.

A match made in heaven just waiting on earth, me not knowing where to find you, left me landing on the wrong turf. Not a day goes by that I'm not always thinking of you, that's why I writing, to let you know how I feel about you. Exclusively from me to you always thinking about you.

Thoughts of CHRIST
Written by Faith The Poetess
3:10 P.M.
Lost in tim

Always Thinking About You by Faith The Poetess

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