Liberation For Faith

by Faith The Poetess

I am a woman of liberation, free in my mind, spirited, and soul. Call to deliver this story as it is told. Surrounded by this world of condemnation, I walk through the shadow of this darkest in evil and wicked places. Witnessing the hurt and pain on my sisters faces. My light shine within the mist of the clouds reaching out to grab all the women of liberation; born of this nation; ordain to help bring justice to the entire generation. I see the natural beauty of this world, I have no need to fear for his rod and his staff is near. He comforts me, in my time of sorrow, with plenty of hope for tomorrow. For the Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. The table of liberation has been prepared for me. My soul has been restored by the highest priest. He guides my feet beside the still waters, protecting me, from this world of envy. My cup runs over from the many blessing my father has bestowed upon me, call to help set the captives free, though my song writing, singing, and the poetic gift he has given to me. Though his words, I cry out to thee. Surrounded by the steps he has order for me. He has given me the name Faith the Poetess you see , as the melodies of his words burns deep within me. I hear his voice on my knees, and in my sleep. I don’t let a day go by; without thanking my father for all the things he has done for my family and me. He has taken me to a higher place, destiny by his loving grace. My heart pours out love for the ones who are starving, living in this corruptible space. Liberate yourselves, call on the name of Jesus, for he will never leave you, nor for sake you, when other have mistaken you. Giving nothing about the things, they have taking you though. Consequence, circumstance, obstacles, disappointments, distress, and my God knows all the rest. People are surrounded by sights and sounds, struggles and difficulties, they are subject to terrible temptations. Living in the world of condemnation, thanks to my Heavenly Father I am liberated.

Liberation For Faith by Faith The Poetess

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