The Sh!t

by Abyss & Trina Williams-Emigh

Putting reason to rhyme
And thought to verse 
Leaving all others behind
Coming in first
Ahead of the game
Leading the pack
Tested by many, 
Yet my title remains in tact
Words are my slave
And I've many to chose
With originality
And diversity
An audience, I can never lose
Trail blazing
Consciousness raising
My purpose clearly defined
With wisdom
And knowledge
I invade the subconscious mind
Now to me, you might not admit
But I know that you know,
That I am....
"The Shit"

I say the things people think about 
From conception of this piece until the ink run out
I got mind play like Pelee in the soccer 
I give it to you straight no chaser 
Like poetic Vodka 
I m 100 proof 
Do I have to defeat 100 to prove  
No rhyme will be spit before it s time 
I put my all in every line 
My rhyme sells like dimes 
That will make you pack a nine 
Eight is enough 
The first seven wasn t so tough 
If rhymes were dominoes I got the big six 
I ll give you five minutes of funk shit 
I got that go long on fourth down wit 
I ll never come in third I ain t with that bronze shit 
It s gonna take two because I ain t the one 
Did you hear that countdown 
Now ask yourself who is the shit son

The Sh!t by Abyss & Trina Williams-Emigh

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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