Just Give Me the Facts Jack

by Trina Williams-Emigh

What is going on with the news today? I guess long gone are the days of non-bias news broadcasting. Who, what, why, when, and how have been replaced with personal opinion. Instead of just keeping to the facts news analysts, reporters, and correspondents recreate these dramatic stories that sensationalize local, state, and national news.

I am well aware of forming my own opinion. I am perfectly capable of deciding which car I’d like to purchase, what foods I’d prefer to eat, and just how long I need to spend in a hot tub before I become a prune. So what would give the newscaster, who obviously does not know me, the impression that I am incapable of hearing the facts and drawing my own conclusions.

They really must think me incapable, because not only do they give me their own personal opinion, they also invite several “experts” to give their opinions as well. Sometimes with the “experts” we, the viewing public, get the displeasure of practically seeing guests go into fist-to-cuffs right there on the TV screen. We most definitely get the displeasure of seeing very heated debates and arguments between guests as well as with the news anchors/hosts. The public has witnessed name calling, finger pointing, and out right temper tantrums. News broadcasting has turned into a live version of “Tabloid” news.

What happened to the “Walter Cronkite” days of news broadcasting? Mr. Cronkite was labeled, “the most trusted man in America” In today’s news, I can’t honestly say that I absolutely trust any of what I see or hear broadcasted. I take each tidbit of news with a grain of salt. Let alone all news is not broadcasted. Networks decide what news is news and what news is not. They also decide what news the viewing public will be suffering through for 24 hours a day for the next few days, weeks, months. The broadcasting of news has become like a disc jockey, who not only plays ‘his’ record of choice, but who also leaves his turn table, unaware that the record he left playing is scratched and keeps repeating itself.

During “Sweeps” week news programs air the most sensational investigative reports they can to attract viewers, sometimes even saving the most controversial stories for airing during this week. News stations also broadcast quick previews of what news they plan to share with you, just like movie previews, to entice you to tune in to the newscast. Then when we actually do tune in to hear this breaking news story, we are bombarded with news. Not only is the newscaster giving us the story, there is a expert in the studio, an expert at a off-site location, a news reporter waiting live, and a crawl speeding across the bottom of the screen. Well all I ask is, if the news must over saturate the airwaves, can I at least get the facts Jack?

Just Give Me the Facts Jack by Trina Williams-Emigh

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