Mrs. Duplicity

by Trina Williams-Emigh

Ladies, I have to ask you this, on behalf of all of the good brothers out there. Do you really know what you want? I hear countless complaints and bad mouthing. "Men are dogs." "Men don't know how to treat a woman right." "Ain't no good men out there."

Ladies, ladies, ladies, come on now. One minute you’re ranting and the next minute you’re in the club checking out the thug brother. You know the one standing over in the corner nodding his head up to you as an acknowledgement that he knows you're checking him out. Good brother walks up to you offers you a drink, you accept, but ignore him afterwards cause he's not licking his lips and shinning a gold toothed smile at you as if you were a piece of meat. The good brother pulls out your chair and asks you about yourself. He tells you about himself, his dreams, his career goals, his wanting to get to know you. But, you let the good brother slip by as "A Thug’s Life" comes over to holler at ya, cause he respects no one, whether you're with someone or not.

You find out, he has no job, no goals, no interests; but you of course, and no dreams, except to get two more gold’s for his molars. Yet, you leave with him. Why? Do you know something that I don't? I know he can't be any better in bed than the good brother. He sure as hell won't respect you like the good brother will.

Is it the fact that he doesn't want you as his woman, but as his "Bitch" that appeals to you? His rough ignorant treatment turns you on? His hopeless future looks promising to you? I'm at a loss for words. Help me out here ladies, if you please. I'm dying to know, what's up with Mrs. Duplicity?

Mrs. Duplicity by Trina Williams-Emigh

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