by PoetressForever

A smattering of snow fell into the portal as she pulled herself free from the tunnel. She stood staring back into it as Zenobia and Minerva made their way ungracefully from the hole to stand at the expanse of the Vastnolix.

Damn I gotta loose some weight, Zenobia muttered, as she shook herself to remove the lingering snow.

Yeah you do, uttered Minerva.

Now don’t go acting like you slim and sexy, Zenobia sneered at Minerva.

I may not be slim and sexy, but I sure as hell ain’t the size of a bataloon, Minerva offered as she flicked the last remaining snow from her shoulder.

Okay…okay ladies please let’s not start arguing, Tayana pleaded rolling her eyes.

A wagmaron flew overhead, and a snitoff scattered underfoot..

Okay Zenobia take out those x-ray goggles and see if Asmaran is anywhere in the vicinity, Tayana ordered.

Zenobia reached into her amble bosom and produced a pair of x-ray goggles the size of a small child. She began to scan the area carefully…..there I see him, he’s lying next to a castolopo…..wait he’s not lying next to her, he’s making love to her! Wow he sure can move. I didn’t know he could move like that!

Shit if I knew he could move like that I’d-

Zenobia!! Stop acting like a voyeur and take us to where he is!

Okay! Okay! They are over inside that knoll to the south.

Tayana, Minerva and Zenobia headed toward the south end of the Vastnolix.

Do you have the marmalade, Zenobia asked?

Yeah, Minerva answered. Tayana are you sure you want to do this?

Hell yes!!! Asmaran promised me that he would never cheat on me again, but here we are for the second time. I told him if I ever caught him again I was going to set the marmalade on him. He’s heard what the marmalade is like, but I guess he wants to find out first hand. Do it!

Minerva walked over to knoll and lifted it up. The castolopo sang her melody shrilly from fright and Asmaran jumped up, he’s eyes wide with shock. Before he could take flight Minerva threw the marmalade on him and dropped the knoll.

...It’s been three years now and Tayana, Minerva and Zenobia have been hailed as Kelopotrophs, the highest honor placed upon the inhabitants of Felurnisure, for their prompt handling of an unfaithful husband and citizen. As for poor Asmaran, he is seen every now and again, when he can get a break from the marmalade. She makes sure to keep him busy day and night with her demands on his virility and sexual endurance. He now looks like a corpse of his former self. And you never catch his eyes wandering, nor his body parts straying...


This piece was created for the Serendipitous Nouns Game from the Discussion Board utilizing the following nouns:

smattering, portal, x-ray
voyeur, knoll, marmalade

Marmalade by PoetressForever

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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