lOve jOnes

by Trina Williams-Emigh

     i'm jONESING like a addict
searching for that high
     i'm jONESING like a hunger
starving not to die

     i'm jONESING like a dreamer
deliberately deprived of sleep
     i'm jONESING like a pride
to damn strong to weep

     i'm jONESING like a fever
way to hot to cool
     i'm jONESING like a jester
denied of being a fool

     i'm jONESING with a depth far to reach
     i'm jONESING with a desire
that could consume us each

     i'm jONESING with a purpose
that i can't defeat
your scent
your touch
     i'm jONESING to repeat

this lOve jOnes
     has me jONESING
until again we meet

lOve jOnes by Trina Williams-Emigh

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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