Knowledge is Power

by by RIP & Trina Williams-Emigh

I'm trying to hit you from a different angle
Hoping to untangle - you
From the constraints of your mind
And the restrictions that bind
Trip on something fantastic
Body twitching spastic.
In a good way that is
Knowledge can make you better than you are
And greater than you once was
Now listen to me because....
Who you think you are, you're not
And who you want to be, you can
It's time for you to command 
Establish a brand new existence
Develop a stronger insistence
In acquiring your reign
Emancipation is what you should long to obtain
But the choice is yours
So when your consciousness matures
And your intellectual thoughts rain like a meteor shower
Only then will you realize,
that knowledge is power

Let me put your cells in motion
Make my words act as
A cerebral lotion
To wash away the residue of doubt
For the knowledge is in your hands
And looking into stands for motivation
Is what you can do without
If you just open your eyes and stay true
Then you'll see the man in the mirror of your dreams
Is you...
So let me break it down like this... 
Don't wish for what you need
Feed on the negativity of others
To fill that hunger for success
That makes you strive to be your best
Staying alive in life's plan
Whether woman or man
The decision is yours
And the line is very thin in front of the doors 
Between doctors and lawyers
And pimps and whores
For your destiny will always depend on the feel
You have for the belief of fate or free will
As only ignorance will get you devoured
In this world that we live where knowledge is power.

Knowledge is Power by by RIP & Trina Williams-Emigh

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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