Ghetto Girl & Shiftless Brotha

by by RIP & Trina Williams-Emigh

Cloaked in a representation frabricated by the massess 
Ghetto Girl arrives wearing star studded glasses 
(Literally that is) 
With her blonde hairweave 
red claw-like nails 
pink shorts, ass x 22, is peek-a-booing from underneath, 
silver halter top, revealing a tatoo that reads 'Tyrone's Bitch' 
and big dangling hoop earrings 
She smiles sweetly as she passes by 
Flashing three gold-plated teeth 
She boasts three scars, 
two are from stab wounds,
and one is from getting shot while stealing cars 
Causally she surveys the scene, while loudly smacking her bubble gum, 
as she pulls some money out of her bra 
and walks into the liquor store 
CUT!!!!! The director yells... 
You forgot to scream out "Hey Boo" 
to the shiftless brotha on your right!!!! 

In his dingy wife beater soiled to precision 
The shiftless brother plays his role on the wall 
At the local hair salon/ Chinese food/ liquor store intersection 
Wearing house shoes and socks 
(Too hot for timbs in the south) 
Giving a big kool aid smile to show the platinum in his mouth 
Pronouncing words with perfect imperfections 
Making white people lock their car doors 
Portraying that true black male aggression 
Fires up a blunt and coughs loud when it’s lit 
Makes sure his underwear is showing then he grabs his dick 
Sees a shawty coming up with a jazzy blonde do 
Steps up too her and whispers “How do you d..” 
CUT!!! The director yells 
You forgot to say  “WASSUP HO!” 
To the Ghetto Girl on your left 
And that’s when it happened 
The shiftless brother gazed left and marched right 
Marched right to the seat of his car 
Marched right away from exploitative Hollywood fame 
Marched right into what blacks should never have to concede
 ~Self Esteem~

Ghetto Girl & Shiftless Brotha by by RIP & Trina Williams-Emigh

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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