Deconstructing Perfection

by Trina Williams-Emigh

What are you doing - erecting?
Actually, all you’re really doing
Is deconstructing perfection

Why are you adding more of this,
And removing too much of that?
And rearranging
Receiving Botox injections
Peeling away imperfections
Having gastric bypass
To help reduce a fat ass
Stuffing your breasts with implants
Claiming them improvements
To your self-esteem
Lifting your eyes
And sucking the contents from your thighs
Did they help your fears subside,
While they delved deep inside?
Were your insecurities removed,
And your confidence improved?
Did they repair your eyes,
So that you’d see, you were already a prize?
Cause if they didn’t
This new you is just a blueprint
To perpetual reconstruction
A copied reproduction
Of an original
That was the only one
Now the seams are undone
The thread is frayed
And you invite us to this masquerade
Of false self-confidence
That you bought on clearance
At a two-for-one sale
And here in lies a very pertinent detail
For now all you look like is a prepackaged commercial – good
Wish you understood
That you are only you within
And no matter how much you change your skin
The way you see yourself, is where you need to begin

What are you - correcting?
Honestly, all you’re really doing
Is deconstructing perfection

Deconstructing Perfection by Trina Williams-Emigh

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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