Bonnie & Clyde

by Abyss and Trina Williams-Emigh

Today is the day we take flight
Eyes wide open to the reality of life
No more playing 
Tired of praying 
Waiting for change 
It's time that the script was flipped, then rearranged
Taking no prisoners
Leaving death in my wake
For goodness sake
This is my world to make
No more accepting
And lies
No longer willing to listen
To the tears
That my black race 
I want more than a mere slice
I expect every piece of the pie
Eyes on my target
Finger on the trigger
Ready to destroy
That which is trying to keep, me a nigger

Bonnie I got ya back like a chiropractor
Whatever she said ditto
We will light dat ass up like a Zippo 
And make sure you're cripple
Get the point like hard nipples
They call me Clyde, I came for the ride
You better hope like hell you're on our side 
Cause if you try to put us in a box 
We're like Jay-Z, we make your life HARD KNOCK
Cause when we hit it hurts Everytime we see you
You sweating like a hooker in church
I want to reach, then I'll teach ya
Never will I beseech ya 
To learn a lesson 
You call me nigga but I ain't stressing 
I'm a sibling with mad sistas and brothas
So watch what you say cause, payback is a motha.

Bonnie & Clyde by Abyss and Trina Williams-Emigh

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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