Queen Bee - An Ode To Jill Scott

by LykeButta

Jill can    
turn a phrase
spit a
lyrical maze
losing oneself
in her words
only to be found
in a purple haze.
Eyes bright
as the night
by the truth,
no longer blinded
by what
ain't right.
She's a puff of smoke.
Jill ain't no joke -
The girl is bad!
Jill can 
caress a verse
sing your pain
and still erase 
what hurts.
A poetic Queen,
I'm a fiend
for the 
rhythmic rhymes
that tease and
titillate my mind.
Sometimes late,
but always 
right on time,
a puff of smoke.
She ain't no joke -
The girl is bad!
Jill speaks
truth told 
she indeed is 
Her words
always here
we need to hear
we have nothing
to fear
because we are
We are free,
like the Queen
Ebony Bee
flying amongst
the foliage and the trees
the world
with spoken words
like these;
Do you Remember
taking a Long Walk
living life Golden-ly.
Loving him
'cause He Loves Me
while we be
Honey Molasses
from each others
I let him
Show Me his love
and we
sip Crown Royal on ice
and Breathe easy,
enjoying the Real Thing
and The Way 
we feel,
because we all just 
Wanna Be Loved...
Try not to choke
on the smoke,
'cause Jill ain't no joke.
My girl is baaaaad!

Queen Bee - An Ode To Jill Scott by LykeButta

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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