Lesson Learned

by LykeButta

In retrospect 
I should've done things
I should've...
moved more slowly
Contemplated more thoroughly 
Spoken more cautiously
Thought more critically
Guarded myself more ferociously. 
But as it is, I let you in.
When people express 
"having no regrets"
I wish I could relate 
as that has not been my reality. 
I sit in retrospect
wondering why I didn't...
Inquire more intensely
Speculate more profoundly 
Examine more critically 
Or listen more keenly. 
But more than anything 
that even if one means
what they say when they say it, 
they can always 
change their mind. 
And so this lesson which
has taken years to embrace
has finally come home 
to roost...
The trust I once so freely gave
I'll give no more. 
Living my life, like you. 
Hoping for the best, 
anticipating the worst, 
watching, waiting, speculating,
and trusting... 
no one. 

Lesson Learned by LykeButta

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