Missin' You Brotha

by LykeButta

What is the allure
of her dove white
ivory skin?
Why so many 
strong back men 
push us out,
while seemingly 
so willingly
so very frequently
invite only them in?
Is it her blue, gray,
green eyes
that appear to 
you into submission?
We beckon you
with our soulful
black and brown
eyes and faces,
in multiple hues
and beautiful variation.
Our silent inquiry
yet you avoid them
with no intent
to smile, or even nod
an acknowledgement.
Why brotha's
(...And you know
who you are.)
unfailingly dismiss
your soul-FUL and
soul-FILLED equal.
You push.
We pull.
Sista's passin'
on the original
having already
read the sequel.
The story is 
still quite much
the same,
though different faces
different names;
The end result
remains steadfast,
still unchanged;
Some brotha's
the want,
the need,
for the dove white
ivory breed.
Their appearance
forever un-mirrored
in the reflection
of your own -
bold in 
black ancestry,
and strong.
Knowing to love all
is right - Yet,
to be dismissed
by those who
loved you first
so wrong...
We miss you brotha,
come back.
You've been gone 
too long.

Missin' You Brotha by LykeButta

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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