Peace In The Storm

by Elissa Gabrielle

In your name I pray of thee.
Comfort me, Oh Lord comfort me.
Guide me through this chaos and despair.

In my trials and my woes,
your love provides the strength to go on.
For you are the light and my only salvation.
A precious, tender love helps battle my temptation.
Lead me the right way.
Help all of us who are torn.
For you are the Peace in the Storm.

Needed like a bible to a preacher.
With your grace Lord, I know you can reach us.
Those who know you are here.
Those who guess, but need a boost to get there.
Those who just don't care.
Those who believe, "Life, well, It ain't worth going on."
Be our Peace in the Storm.

Wanted like shelter to a homeless child.
Bring us the beauty of the sunshine.
Light the way, give us sight.
Show me the sunlight at any time.
>From the second,
the minute,
the day my child was born,
Thank you.
There is Peace in the Storm.

In the times of gloom.
We are lifted Lord
by the flowers you make bloom.
How magnificent you are to me
and my family.
Giving us the courage and power to be set free.
Precious one, remove from my side, this thorn.
Be my Peace in the Storm.

I walk by faith.
And acknowledge that the gift of sight
does not come from the eyes that you have bestowed upon me.
But only from the miracle that is you.
The miracle that is me.
For I am here, breathing.
With a heart beating
and walking feet.

Dear Spirit, look after me.
Teacher, please guide and comfort me.
My Spirit, my Lord set free.
As I am here to serve thee.
Be with me through these trying times.
Shield me from the evils that lurk in the night.
Have mercy on my soul, dear Lord.
My Peace in the Storm.

Peace In The Storm by Elissa Gabrielle

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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