Your Intimate Ways

by Elissa Gabrielle

You're my ultimate high.
Your love,
your lust,
gets me by.
Night after night.
In broad daylight.
I'm yearnin' for a drop of your time.
A peace of your mind.
Experiment with me,
what you've been daydreaming.
Shit, I'll be your erotic fantasy.

It's on, till the break of dawn.
Or maybe even longer than that.
Can you deal with this baby?
A got a strong record
for wearing' out a back!

Hooked on your love.
Feenin' for your touch.
Like a fiend craving for her thang.
Like I need food to survive.
Your love keeps me alive.

Losin' myself while
steadily focused on yo' groove.
You so smooth.
I love how you move.
Especially when your loving me.
Do me.

Please me.
Tease me.
I'm your plaything.
Your everything.
For whatever you need.
Please be full of greed,
when your lovin' me.
Don't stop.
While wondering what tomorrow may bring.
Love me like your life
depends on it.
Love me like
it's the last breath you're breathing.

Whenever and wherever,
Do what you need.
Do whatever.
Greet me.
Eat me.
Feel me.
Invite me, with that warm smile of yours.
It's you who I simply adore.
The only one I'm jonesin' for.

I love your intimate ways.
I like how your never afraid to
freak me the way I need to be freaked.
Caress and undress me.
Keep on Keepin' on.
And it will take an army
to keep me off your sweet ass.
One more time for old time sake.
Promise me it won't be the last.

Ooh, how I love your intimate ways.

Your Intimate Ways by Elissa Gabrielle

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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