Only In My Empire

by Elissa Gabrielle

These Visions of Grandeur

Promote deep-seeded, uncultivated feelings

That sorrowfully soar throughout my soul …

Awaiting you …

Debating you …

Resisting you, yet missing you.

Is it wrong to love you?

Because damn … I do.


And my sweet Visions of Grandeur

Have me struggling in a world where

Time and Space and Reason and Righteousness

Have No Place

It’s just you and me and we …

For we are a set of free spirits yearning.


And My Love …

I want to lock you up in my Empire for days

To complete this fantasy … this craze

Nah … Hell No … It is truly beyond that.

To fulfill what is so unfulfilled

To both you and me and we.


Perhaps we should alter the rules,

Transform the Earth

To have it rotate on our axis

Because this world as we know it

Is not designed for what we believe …

You needing me and us needing we …

And You and me carouseling thru this galaxy,

Making eternal history,

Exploring the possibilities – infinitely

This mesmerizing infatuation is beyond my understanding.

It Will be next lifetime, sweet friend.


And my Visions of Grandeur …

With my wet-sticky-day-dreamin’

Invisions a time where

You will journey to a light at the end of my fantasy/fallacy

And penetrate so deep that you will caress my soul …

And touch my spirit with the endowment that God has blessed you with.


And I grab a hold of visions and refuse to release them into this world

Where vultures and rhyme and reason will devour them.

Cause it does hurt like hell …

To not possess you the way that my entire being needs to …

How every breadth I breathe needs you …


So let me just hold on …

And never let go,

Knowing that if I step back into this harsh realty,

I will realize that I confused it with fantasy.


It was only after I looked into your eyes,

That I saw Paradise …

And every woman wants that.

Suddenly I realized,

That you could be my Saviour in disguise.

Is it wrong for me to love you?

Cause right here, right now, baby,

Damn …

I do.

Only In My Empire by Elissa Gabrielle

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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