Will You Remember My Love

by Ebony Breeze

Will your dreams be sweetly haunted by my memory
when you close your eyes seeking a moment of peace
will it be my words that still calm your soul
when looking into your childrens eyes
will you remember their mother is so by default
when you say "I do"
will your heart hold tears or smiles
will you hear my voice in the gentle breezes that quietly envelop you
will the warm sun bring melancholy or silent regret
will you remember smiles and secrets openly shared
will you sigh at the thought of a love unfulfilled
when you say "thank you God"
will it be my name that caresses your lips
when nobody else seems to understand
will your heart seek the one who once quieted your tears
if you could only choose life or love
would you recognize one without the other is nothing
will my name still fill your heart with dreams of love
when you lie in bed at night
do you swear my silhouette lingers in your presence
will you forget skipped heartbeats at the thought of my touch
will you settle for being content
when unconditional love was at your feet
if asked how many times love has crossed your path
will you forget the ONE woman unafraid to stand by your side
I gladly and selfishly take my place on your pedestal
I am the woman you say taught you to love
will you now save your "I love yous" for another 
who has not proven her worth
as your life begins to wind down
will you feel my love in the echoes of your heartbeats
what will go through your mind when you love again
what will you say to yourself
what will you find
discarded memories or a cherished moment in time
will you remember my love...

Will You Remember My Love by Ebony Breeze

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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