Permission 2 Dream

by Ebony Breeze

Father in heaven
my highest power above
I know You hear me
somewhere along the way
one by one
little by little
I left my dreams behind
like a bad mouth washed from my mouth
or a forbidden thought
quietly erased from my mind
what is a dream to a broken child
unattainable happiness
something else to interrupt my survival
a stumbling block
childhood dreams murdered by the hands of another
my childhood in his hands
dismembered for his gratification
his perversion
what now God
I lay in 100 pieces
too many pieces
so many I wonder
if wholeness is in my cards
just now able to take a peek
at the wreckage
the damage
the pain
feelings I want to bury
need to bury
how do I do it God
I wish I could go back 
before the searing memories
and the helpless useless feelings 
God I want to be brand new
untampered with
Can I be the child you intended me to be
is it too late
I want my childhood back
carefree days full of laughs
wild curiosity
safety in my home
afraid of none
surely You didn't create me
for what I am today
tell me You didn't take the stars
out of my eyes
and out of my reach
my heart tells me You sent me
and meant me for more
I hear whispers of splendor
is that You Lord
Father in heaven
I want to dream again
with abandon
and without permission
no dream unfolds without Your loving hands
I ask that You breathe life into me
so that I may dream again
mother may I
Father in heaven
my highest power above
may I dream my dreams

Permission 2 Dream by Ebony Breeze

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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