Do U Really Know Me?

by Ebonyavon

To feel my pain is to sympathize with me
To see my side is not to just hear but listen to me
To know my insecurities is to be close to me
To accept my faults is to forgive me 
To conversate with me is to get to know me
To believe in me is to encourage me
To be happy for me is to celebrate with me
To disagree with me is to challenge me
To deal with me is to love me

To shed my tears is to feel my pain
To recieve my point of view is to see my side
To comprehend my fears is to know my insecurities
To understand me is to accept my faults
To exchange ideas is to conversate with me
To reassure me is to believe in me
To say congratulations and mean it is to be happy for me
To oppose my view is to disagree with me
To love me is to deal with me

Do U Really Know Me? by Ebonyavon

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