Ignorant Trust

by Ebonyavon

That night you didn't come home
my eyes swelled for the last and final time
As I sat in the dimmed candlelight
I released the insecurities of our marriage
 (that plagued my mind)

I closed my eyes and drowned 
in the sensual smell of Ralph Lauren
The fragrance 
(that enveloped me before)
but has become somewhat foreign

We could never recapture the flame 
at that moment, I realized 
it was definitely too late
The third stroke of midnight
(sealed my marriage's fate)
The chill of harsh reality killed the candles
as I glanced at a picture of us
I looked into my eyes
filled with ignorant trust

I looked back on the past
with a new understanding in me
I realized I had "listened to my man"
imagining you as I wanted you to be

The tenth night in two weeks
you claim you had to put in work
Four out of fourteen nights you slept by my side
 and more than my feelings are hurt

I rise from the sheets
 that hold our love no more
Where scarce intimate situations
 (were blasphemed) 
by the cheap perfume she wore

Our sheets, 
given to us on our wedding day
 (that blessed our union as we lay)
Are the same ones you chose to leave
rather than stay.

Ignorant Trust by Ebonyavon

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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