by Ebonyavon

I was sitting back the other day observing this conversation like always,
and this sista said something that made me think...she told the brotha 
who was obviously her boyfriend, that he couldn't handle 
the truth about what had happened.  I zoned out and started thinking…
everybody wants to know the truth whether we can handle it or not.  
But then I realized that we couldn't exactly handle the truth, 
even if it was handed to us.  Because we all actually know the truth 
except we like to conceal it with little white lies to keep us content. 
Now don't get me wrong, I know what you're thinking.  
I'm not saying that being content is a bad thing, but if you stop 
and think about it, there is really nothing to be content with.  
If you take the time to slow down or even stop, you might figure this thing out, 
which isn't likely because no one has time to slow down…and forget about stopping.  
Are you following?  Okay the saying goes time waits for no one, 
but with each hour of every passing day we sit and wait on time to pass.  
That doesn't seem fair, does it?  People probably ask that question a thousand times 
in a thousand different languages, yet the answer is so simple.  Simply put life isn't fair.  
You've heard that before right?  First you live then you die.  
But that doesn't exactly fall into the fair category either does it?  So if life isn't fair 
why do people work so hard in life to be fair?  We insist that things be equal, 
but they always seem to turn out unequal.  You look confused…are you sure you're following?  
Okay just to simplify things…ultimately, balance will never be achieved in this lifetime 
but maybe it will exist in the next one. But that's assuming that no one is really playing fair 
and we get a second wait...that's not fair is it?

Association by Ebonyavon

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