by Dreaded Diva & PoetressForever

Could it be the pout of my lips
The sensuous curve of my hips,
a visual trip when I switch
And the sway in my walk 
That keeps em' watching me like a hawk?

Could it be the fullness of my breasts 
My classic style of dress
Hair did up to the illest
Or even the roundness of my bottom 
Which ensures me that I've got em'?

Could it be the softness of my skin 
The sexuality that emanates from within?
Hell as a matter of fact 
Shit, I'm just-

......It's like witchcraft 
when I cross ur path
ur twisted 
trying to catch the breath
that just left ur lungs
hung on my every suggestion
Cause baby I got u sprung

Could it be the power of my thought
The strength of my stature,
which projects undauntedly from within
Or maybe its the wisdom I exude
That keeps em, to my person, glued?

Could it be my no nonsense attitude
My straight forward approach,
always telling it like it is
And the way I manage my business
That makes me warrant their awareness?

Could it be the shoulder I offer to lean on
And how I always listen intently?
Hell as a matter of fact
Shit, I'm just-

......It's like, expected to be every woman 
expected to fill every need 
of lovers and family
but trust
I fill those shoes phenomenally 
And without question
I maintain it all exceptionally

Could it be the truth seen in my stare
The honesty that promises trust,
Cause I ain't about no bullshit
Or maybe just that I remain real
That keeps em begging my appeal?

Could it be because I can stand alone
Just as well as I stand with many
Don't need no posse
Or a click
That makes em want me as their chick

......Emotions bent
physically spent
but I keep keepin'
Ride or die chick 
Flyy as hell chick
Be who I be chick-
Hell as a matter of fact
Shit, I'm just-

Wicked by Dreaded Diva & PoetressForever

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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