The Light

by DreadedDiva

I woke early this morning with my bedroom completely illuminated. I looked at the clock thinking it would tell me I had slept till midday. When in fact it was 3 am. I sat up feeling bewildered. I placed my hand on my belly to calm the little fearful butterflies that had begun to stir as I looked around to discover the origin of this luminance that invaded my slumber.

I blinked my tired eyes a few times to improve my focus. I peered thru the vertical blinds and saw nothing but darkness. Fear began to set in and became a vexatious denizen of my otherwise logical conscience.

I began to excogitate the light and felt its wamth communing with me. What once had been a tundra inside me, began to thaw. This feeling was unfamiliar, so I became fixed between being a concierge and an eradicator of this light.

I extended my hand to its axis and felt the sensation of a soft cauliflower beneath my fingertips. The more I caressed this cauliflower the more brighter and warmer the light became. Comfort began to come over me like an elegant African Bishop's beak threading a beautiful and complicated nest of awareness in my soul.

I became cognizant of the fact that the soft sensation was the newness of me and the light was the sunshine you left inside me. I finally drifted off to sleep and bathed in the afterglow of your dawn.


This piece was created for the Serendipitous Nouns Game from the Discussion Board utilizing the following words:

denizen, tundra, concierge, cauliflower, bishop, afterglow

The Light by DreadedDiva

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