I Used to Love Him

by DreadedDiva & PoetressForever

He was fine
Looking like steel wrapped in bronze foil
All bulging muscles and tight abs
Smile that lit up a dreary day
And pain, he had pain that kept him weary and pessimistic
But I loved him anyway
For his soul was beautiful and his spirit was the stuff of rainbows

We were inseparable
Time had no measure when we were together
The whole world ceased
As we doled out love in pieces and parts
And shared our passions without limit
I dared him to love me completely
For my hopes were high and I saw promise in his eyes

But he was always afraid
that if I saw through those opaque memories
he guarded for so long and so carefully,
that I might want to leave.
But I explained to him, "baby I ain't no saint. and if I had my way
I'd let only that part of me that's perfect love you."

He said when he looked at my face he could see
the amazing grace that our daughters would have
and in my touch he could feel his future.
He wants to let my love help him
but the streets won't let him
He said he wants to love me without flaws
but his heart is raw and right now he just can't

And I understood without understanding
Let him have my heart
Though I knew it wasn't wise
For he couldn't love me, though he tried
And I foolishly thought my love alone was enough
Because it encompassed the whole of both of us
But I was wrong...

My heart was scarred
too heavy to even beat;
but, I loved him too much to breathe.
I needed to feel free,
free from loving him completely
when he could only love me by degrees.
...I used to love him

I Used to Love Him by by DreadedDiva & PoetressForever

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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