He Moves Me

by DreadedDiva

I wonder does he know he moves me; 
grooves me with the melodic resonance of his intelligence? 
His insightfulness just opens doors to temples inside me 
for my body to worship him. 
Burn incense on an altar for him. 
Write him like scriptures to fill my spirit with him. 
Tatoo egyptian hieroglyphics on my skin to preserve the history of him. 

I wonder does he know he moves me; 
moves me to forbidden fantasies about a man I've never seen? 
because of the way he thinks. 
Mother Nature's gift to mind sex, 
I climax with each thought process 
he shares with me. 
His understanding incites me to a higher level of mindfulness; 
a consciousness I've never experienced. 
He makes me feel weightless 
ethereal and new, like a dawning that slays the evening. 

I wonder does he know he moves me; 
grooves me with his affinity for reasoning? 
Logic stands resolved in his presence. 
Coded subconscious messages 
transferred to my intellect 
sends me over the edge 
of self-control. 

He must know he moves me 
because he has the ability 
to turn my thoughts into sound waves...

He Moves Me by DreadedDiva

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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