First Date

by DreadedDiva

I met a really nice brother a little while ago, I met at a poetry open mic where I performed. He arrived in the middle of my set and I caught a glimpse of him when he came in the door. There was a brief moment where I had to collect myself before I could start my next piece. He was tall, irresistibly chocolate & built like a Zulu warrior. Thick well manicured locks that hung from underneath his head wrap, draped his shoulders effortlessly. He had the face of a Pharaoh with perfect, thick honey dipped lips. He found a seat and I immediately made eye contact with him as I went into my lyrical flow...

What would you say if I told u
I have been fantasizing about you
and from the very moment u walked in,
my clitoris began throbbing for you?

Now would it be too forward
if I suggested our first kiss
be horizontal?

Actually I was wondering how you would respond
if I just came out and asked you, "Can I have Some?"

Some of that cocoa that flows oh so thickly...
Cuz right now see, I’m imagining how you would take me,
and the anticipation has suddenly made the insides of my thighs sticky...

I continued on & the set was a success. I made a bee line for that brotha as soon as I stepped off the stage. The venue was packed and I was grateful to the Almighty there was a seat next to him. I quickly & quietly took the seat & enjoyed the rest of the poets.

While the host closed up the evening, he whispered in my ear, “I enjoyed your set." His warm breath felt like a tropical breeze against my skin. "Thank you", I replied.

We stayed in our corner table for what seemed like hours as we discussed our visions, our missions, Kush, Kemet, our favorite incense and modern day hip-hop prophets.

I gave him my number and address and I invited him to dinner. That was four days ago. Everyday since then, I had been trying to decide exactly what I was going to wear.

Well, tonight is the night. I sent my children away to their grandparents for the weekend, because honestly, I don't plan on him going home tonight.... (I knew from the very first moment I saw him he was going to get it. Now that may make me a freaky whore in some sister’s eyes (this being the first date and all) but they can all go to hell, I'm grown, a grown ass woman.

After I got out of the shower, I decided to air dry under the ceiling fan in my bedroom. I had the whole room smelling like papaya-mango and cocoa butter. The scent was so pleasant and relaxing it gave me a moment to reflect on just what I had planned on going down.

I sat and looked at my lingerie drawer for a minute to see what color the vibe of the evening was giving me....Chocolate Brown. (Since caramel and chocolate go well together, I thought it would compliment my caramel complexion)

I slipped on my brown lace boy shorts and bra set, admired my protruding booty for a minute and got dressed.

I pulled my locks into a cascading ponytail and put on my cowry shell earrings, and a silver ankh ring and bracelet set....(It has been said when an ankh is worn by a black woman, it increases her kundilini energy...and shit, I was trying to test that out tonight!)

It was a chilly night with winter quickly setting in. My old Victorian style home tended to be a tad drafty, so I decided to go with my fitted brown low-cut sweater & my favorite jeans... (The ones I wear to the club when I don't want to pay to drink!)

While I waited on him to arrive I slid Flo'Ology, Urban Hang Suite and Voodoo into my disc changer, lit my Vanilla pillar candle on the corner table in the living room and some coconut incense.

I heard a car pull up in front of the house so I peeked out the window, did one last mirror check and took a deep breath.

I opened the door before he could even knock and greeted him with a warm, firm hug and a soft kiss on the cheek. His hand slipped into that dip in my lower back (u know the dip that all the big booty girls have) and my knees almost gave out, good thing he was holding me...

I welcomed him to have a seat and watched him walk into the room & across the room with his fresh pair of Timbs on. Damn that chocolate looked so good sitting on my Ivory suede couch...

I showcased my skills in the kitchen with some fish, vegetarian spaghetti, fresh greens & cornbread. (Not really date food, but this was a whole lot of man I was dealing with, so I had to come with the real!) After dinner I cut us a slice of my homemade pineapple cheese cake and poured us a glass of Kendall Jackson and we relaxed in the living room. The incense, the Maxwell, the D’Angelo, the Floetry AND this fine ass brother all mixing together sent all my senses into pandemonium. I was quickly reaching my breaking point.

There was a moment of silence between us that was so intense, I thought he might actually hear my clitoris throbbing. I knew what I wanted to do. The weakness in my knees and the cream that began to seep thru the lace in my panties was enough of an incentive to plant myself in his lap and tongue his ass down! He was REAL receptive to it. I was so taken in by his skin, the smell of him, and his chest, how his arms felt around my waist, his lips, his tongue, damn I thought I might cum all over myself before we even got to the good part! He laid me down on the couch, kissed my chin, my neck, my collar bone. And each time his lips touched me it felt like I stuck my finger in a light socket! He unbuttoned my jeans and slipped his hand between my legs and u could hear the juices swirling around his fingers. So, it was alright that he slipped one, two, three of them inside.

That had not really been my thing but he had his thumb pressed against my clit to go along with the in and out motion of his fingers grazing my G-spot and I unexpectedly came all over his hand so hard it probably dripped down to his wrist. I sat up to take my sweater off while he was pulling my jeans off of my hips. He brushed his lips down my stomach, on the inside crease of my thigh and back up to my breasts, nipples, back down my stomach again. He nibbled on my clit so lightly thru my panties it was unbearable! (I was praying, yes I said praying. Right or wrong I asked God to please let him pull the middle of these damned panties to the side!) HE DID. He pulled them over and up so that my clit was forced to peak out from between my lips. He gently pulled it between his teeth and the tip of his tongue felt like humming bird wings as I QUICKLY came again.

BUT I WAS NOT TO BE OUTDONE IN MY OWN DAMN HOUSE! I pushed him off of me down onto the couch and went for his zipper. I was determined to blow his mind. I unveiled what I had been waiting on all night. It was long, smooth, chocolate and thick and I wasted no time swallowing him down to the base. I’m a pro, but shit, 10 ½ inches will still hit my gag reflex, but I got past that with no problem and proceeded to handle my business. I let him hit the back of my throat until my mouth watered uncontrollably. Squatted down in front of him, swallowing his cum, I could feel my own dripping down my leg.

He pulled me up from my lollipop and bent me over the arm of my couch, gave me a playful slap on that big old booty of mine, grabbed a handful in each hand, separated my cheeks and slid right on in. I gasped from the instant butterflies he sent up into my stomach and immediately threw the ass right back at him! I think he felt like I was trying to steal the show, he pounded, no he dog-walked my shit, hitting bottom with every stroke! He had me by the hips like he was riding a champion stallion! But I met each stroke with some booty shaking of my own. He took hold of my waist, lifted my ass up off the floor like a fucking wheel barrel and I had an orgasm that almost dislocated my spine! I felt a flush of heat from my dreads to the soles of my feet! He grabbed the back of my couch with one hand, my waist with the other, widened his stance to anchor himself to get even deeper and exploded and I felt his warmth rush thru me. He lowered me gently back down to the floor, and rested his head on my back between my shoulder blades…

First Date by DreadedDiva

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