Words Are Not Enough

by Emotional

For it's no surprise; you handle things when life is at it worse,
Because you're an angel in disguise; sent here to do god's work.

I see you as a lady; who can never be let down,
When this world seems crazy; its gets better when you're around.

Love is what you provide; and bring to the world,
For words could never describe; what you mean to world.

Surely you're the best thing; within this life of mine,
And the meaning of the word blessing; has truly been defined.

Simply by your style and grace; your heartwarming smiling face,
It's you that gives me strength to face; anyone/thing/time/place.

Makes everything right, it what she does; you're the best at that,
All my life, she's given me love; and nothing less than that.

When times get hard; you offer your assistance,
Truly there is a god; because of your existence.

Each time life is stressing me; support you provide,
I thank god for blessing me; for having you on my side.

When things indeed get rough for me; and I seem to be impatient,
It's you that believe and trust in me; that eventually I'll make it.

Although i was shattered and stunned; by dad's plan never to meet,
It didn't matter cause mom; was more man than he

You have given birth to me; for that there's no compensation,
So being that child first of three; I express my appreciation.

It's love she can only provide' unlike no other,
So how does one truly describe; love for his mother?
Words are not enough.....

Words Are Not Enough by Emotional

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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