Keep Striving

by Destiny

We've all made mistakes; and so have I
But it's never too late; to learn or try.

To correct those things; and make myself better,
And no matter how bad it seems; to do them again never.

Life is filled with stress; that will only come to pass,
But life is also a test; we all must pass.

What we want, you have to earn; there are no breaks,
And the only way to learn; is to make mistakes.

The lesson has been taught; when don't make them again,
Who would be to fault; if it were to happen again?

Life is hard at times; as if it were a curse,
But always keep in mind; things could be worse.

Things aren't always going to be right; but still strive to win,
Remember, you only get out of life; what you put in.

Life is an everyday fight; that you have to do yourself,
And your biggest challenge in life; is you yourself.

Sometimes life is hard to live through; but soon it will be no longer,
And if a situation didn't kill you; well then, it only made you stronger.

These words you're being told; are more than just a poem,
Instead it should be a goal; everyday you perform.

Keep Striving by Destiny

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