Still In Love With You

by The Unknown Poet

Lately on my mind mentoring; is the fact that i made a mistake
And for the first time considering; it may very will be too late
The only life i ever knew; is the one we've known together
For the only love i knew was true; now has gone forever
Such a fool am i to even try; to mess up a good thing in place
No one to stop me to think that possibly; your love could be replaced
To think of times when we were lovers; makes me have to find you
Only to find you have another; and so my pain is times2(x2)
But i had no shame of playing a game; with your love being at risk
And so the game i play has cost me today; for your love to forever miss
Pain from an ex-lover makes me run to another to find a love true
But what sense is this when i only wish; that she could be you
Can you ever understand you made me a man to make a woman want to marry me
To make her as my wife and forever have her life for eternity to share with me
You've prepared me for another to be her king and lover; this is so true
And it seems so crazy this man you made me; i couldn't be for you
I have to be honest my new love is tarnished; it's not even real it's artificial
Because it would only be a lie to ever deny; that my heart has your intials
Can i really be mad at the fact your glad; that you have erase me?
The truth is really is that i feel silly; that you have replace me
The grass isn't greener i'm now a believer; how was i supposed to know?
And i have no choice but to hear your voice; saying "i told you so"
Your love is now gone because i took too long; to give you that commitment
I've learned my lesson your love was a blessing from heaven and i missed it
And so i just live a lie with this new love i try; what am i to do?
I just try to hide that deep inside; I'm still in love with you

Still In Love With You by The Unknown Poet

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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