Statistic Child

by Emotional

As a result from past anger; with a history to remind us,
We have now become strangers; with a child that binds us.

Because our love was never meant; from each other we walked away,
But our child whose innocent; pays that cost today.

For she is our creation; with both of our characteristics,
But because of our situation; she is now a statistic.

To be raised by a mother; whose single and alone,
Another child of color; with no father in the home.

For us to someday compromise; I had frequently hoped,
But thus, I've come to realize; we're not equally yoked.

Because all this time now you never bothered; to accept my love and name,
And so my child now has no father; with her mother to blame.

You would think our daughter's effect; would be the same perspective,
But it seems a monthly check; is your only objective.

My love is hers to claim; why is that hard to see?
My blood is in her veins; for she is a part of me.

We both never had a child before; but her birth was still planned,
So it's sad that you would choose child support instead of a real man.

How can you say that you're a good mother; when your heart is so blind?
Because of you "good brothers"; are so hard to find.

A real woman should show; love for her child's father,
Because a real woman would know; that most men wouldn't bother.

Unlike the father of this poem; who wants to be involved,
But because of a mother scorned; the child takes the fall.

Since the day that she was born; games you would play with me,
Now my heart forever torn; because you've taken her away from me.

Could it be what truly hurts you; is that you had no father to claim,
And so our seed that you have given birth to; shall live her life the same?

To my child, a father to be; I wish somehow,
But now, just like me; she's a statistic child.

Statistic Child by Emotional

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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