Something Nice To Read

by Destiny

Poetry is the only way to express; how I feel,
Being so, it's you I confess; that I love still.

No I won't denigh; that I was in love with another,
But her love was a lie; with no need to go further.

All along, I was in love with you; and you the same I was hoping,
Her love was wrong, she was a substitute; for a heart broken!

Forever in love with you; I was born to be,
And without you it's true; there's a storm in me!

That can only be soothed; by your love alone,
A pain only you could move; your love is so strong.

Your love is not mine; but I'm in love with you,
For love is so blind; is that ever so true?

But my love you never bury; it could die, never!
While others love may be temporary; baby mine is forever!

Your what I've been wishing; and all that I'm dream of,
And certainly not to mention; we share a child between us.

You see, angels before; I never knew of them,
But not anymore; because now I have two of them.

It's true, these nouns and verbs; are the life of me,
But to you, these are just words; and something nice to read.

Something Nice To Read by Destiny

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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