Reason To Love

by Emotional

Since the moment of our introduction; was my heart no longer mine,

Love definitely was the repercussion; of meeting you the first time.

Fairytales of love were dumb; and I perceived them to be stupid,
But just as well had I become; a victim of cupid

I never thought or anticipated; that just your presence so effective,
That as a result these words were created; with love being their objective.

Love before, was just a song; to me it didn't exist,
But not anymore, I was wrong; simply from your kiss.

The anticipation is killing me; to someday make you my wife,
In this situation, I offer a "guilty plea"; of love at first sight.

If only you could see, beyond the dark; how my love adorns for you,
For I truly believe, inside my heart; that I was born for you.

With that being said, you probably laugh; and ask, what am I thinking of?
But these words in my head; are all that I have; to show you I'm in love.

For you have stolen my heart, no question; that didn't take long to do,
And so my heart that was once my possession; now belongs to you.

For our love is so strong; that any sacrifice we're willing,
And only our hearts alone; could ever describe this feeling.

These words are merely worthless; to explain this miracle,
How my love for you has surfaced; and reached its pinnacle.

For it's hard to describe; true love when its official,
As if my heart and been inscribed; with the letters of your initials.

Because of her love and affection; that was pleasing enough,
My life now has direction; and a reason to love.

Reason to love

Reason To Love by Emotional

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