We Are Omega

by Destiny

There once a man; brought to this land,
Whose mission at hand; was to cross the sand.

Armored with a shield; and his friends to guide him,
A destiny to fulfill; within the soul inside him

Knowledge this man; would be seeking & learning,
To cross the sand; while it was steaming and burning.

This quest; many would love to ponder,
Because yes; he's a son of blood and thunder.

An accomplishment to try; for only a few indeed,
Infact many will try; but only few will succeed.

Because not every man; is a cut above the rest,
Expressed by his brand; on his arm or chest.

And certainly not 2 mention; his "heart of gold"
For he is with no question; a "brother of the soul."

For his actions will show; no limit on his potential,
Only this man could know; that friendship is essential!

Our history has shown us; to be dominant brothers,
For we are head and shoulders; above all others.

Only to fear; the creator of earth and heaven,
And blessed be the year; of 1911

Every man has a purpose; but his shall be greater,
And much love for the sisters; of delta sigma theta!

For we are the best; anything less than, never,
For we are blessed; oh yes,
                We Are Omega!

We Are Omega by Destiny

© Copyright2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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