My Wife

by Emotional 2

For it's hard to express; truly what's inside me
Simply put, I've been blessed; to have you beside me

Eternal love to always show you; is my aim forever
Because no matter what seem to go through; we remain together

Certainly you can be sure of me; not to cause you any pain
And because of my past immaturity; I've often called you names

Surely I must confess; for that I am out of order
Because those names I wouldn't address; to my mother or daughter

For you are all that I'm thinking of; only god knows and believes me
It's just that when you've been hurt by the one you love; pain comes so easy

But I'd rather us sometimes fall; just to get back up together
Then to have no pain at all; and lose you forever

Certainly you are my rib; without you, there is no me
My any and every purpose to live; my existence to be

For your love I am truly grateful; and all that you give me
Even the times when I was unfaithful; and you still chose to forgive me

To marry you is my plan; and my life to share with you
You inspire me to be a man; to love and take care of you

These words are about you; you're their entity and passion
And living this life without you; I couldn't possibly imagine

Since I have been blessed; with the gift of expression
Through this poem I express; to you my affection

For surely you bring out the best in me; you've changed my life
And I thank god for blessing me; with you,
My wife....


Dedicated to all the women from the men...
It's simply the way every man who loves his wife feels
or should feel for the woman he is truly in love with
and someday the way i hope to feel for my wife to be

My Wife by Emotional 2

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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