My Heart Should Know

by Emotional

On the subject of you and I; how do I begin?
I would only be true if I; said you were a sin.

Love so good from the start; than only we could know,
But scars you put on my heart; that only I could show.

Because of us, I'm so sad; but truly I love you still,
And that thing called trust, we never had; and probably never will.

This love is just a memory; that once used to be,
Filled with pain you've given me; enjoyed by you to see.

These words are given birth; with you being their mother,
And each word that I write hurts; one after the other.

I have to stop and question; did she love me just the same?
Or is this just a lesson; about life and its game?
Without any confession; or need to explain,
My heart was arrested; and charged with pain!

I think of the effect now; this will have on the kids,
Having to except now; your no longer mine but his.

Forgive me for being offensive; but love isn't meant for me,
Because the price is too expensive; both emotionally and mentally.

Myself I questioned why; after all these years,
And I even tried to cry; but simply ran out of tears.

For your love I would die; wasn't hard to show,
But love was just a lie; my heart should know.


My Heart Should Know by Emotional

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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