My Father Didn't Care

by Destiny

To have a father in my life; it meant the most to me,
But I was deprived of that right; to have him close to me.

This pain inside hurts; because of a father untrue,
And if our roles were reversed; I could never hurt you.

Why would you have a baby; then easily decide to leave,
And also hurt the lady; who gave your child, life to breathe!

I thought a son to a father; was his pride and joy,
Instead my father never bothered; and a life was destroyed.

Because of the love missing; there's a space carved in my heart,
Tell me, what ever happened to fishing; or baseball in the park?

What was the reason not to bother; but instead only hurt me?
When your whole life you had a father; so why would you desert me?

I have to question to understand; your aim or intention,
Because your impression of a man; is the wrong definition.

For there's no love at all; in the words that I write,
Instead pain that has evolved; for all of my life.

I wish that I could understand; this pain that has come,
And why the definition of a man; I learned from my mom!

And may god have mercy; upon your pitiful soul,
For hurting the woman who birth me; who played a critical role.

If only she had been wise and despised; of your kind,
But your lies and denies; seem to work everytime.

Of course, she was surprised to realize; the fact that she was blind,
To have a son with his eyes; and no love to find.

So expression through a poem; of a pain so rare,
A question to the norm; who said life was fair?
For a child has been scorned; because of a father not there,
Who hates that he was born; because his father didn't care.

My father didn't care.

My Father Didn't Care by Destiny

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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