Pain Is My Bride

by Emotional

These words are just a token; of the pain the hurts,
And a heart that was broken; was their place of birth.

So hard do I try; to keep from writing these words,
But my heart begins to cry; and starts uniting these words.

If only my heart could smile; oh how do I wish this,
Instead I feel like a child; with no toys at Christmas.

Pain left me no choice; but to create these nouns and verbs,
Can you hear the pain in my voice; in each and every word?

Is it ever so apparent; I've been the same for years,
And if these words had parents; they would be pain and tears.

Because my wife to be was a lie; and I barely knew it,
Instead this pain in me was my bride; because I'm married to it.

I was just a man; simply in love with a woman,
Who did everything that he can; but still ended up with nothing.

For I have been shattered apart; please understand me that,
The only man to have a heart; that's labeled "handicap".

This pain has brought the worst in me; and for that I can't forget you,
And now pain and I anniversary; is simply the day that I met you.

Walks in the park and talking on the phone; is no longer fun to me,
Instead thoughts in the dark and always alone; is lately what has come of me.
The life I had has been torn apart; if only one could see,
The aftermath of a broken heart; look what it's done to me.

My god I will never question; for he is my lord and master,
But why did my heart suffer depression; only he knows the answer.

From what I have confess to you; I feel ashamed if I cry,
But tell me what me I left to do; pain is my bride.

Pain Is My Bride by Emotional

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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