The Mother Of My Child

by Destiny

If a child was a tree; for the sake of dispute,
Then most men r leaves; while the mothers r roots
To provide for that lady,is what we need to do,
Because inside her is a baby; & she feeds for 2.
For it is wrong to favor; a man's role indeed.
Bec of a woman's pain & labor; a child is conceived
Perhps if there's others; who ? my wisdom of this
My answer is my mother; she was a victim of this.
Once was a time; she was in a situation w/ a man
9 mos. later 2 find; he ws an imitation of a man
But a woman always has a plan; 2 get them through
When it comes to a man; and the shit we do!
My mother kept a smile; dspite the pain man bring
Lke the mther of my child; who does the same thing
U ndure more stress thn i can; i cmmend u on that
4sure,i'm > a man; not to defend you on that.
W/o u today any longer; i would be misrable,
Because the only way i'm stronger; is physical
You're the Mother of my Child

The Mother Of My Child by Destiny

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