Lonely Is My Only Friend

by Emotional

For I once was in love before; but she didn't feel the same,
I invested so much love and more; but my only profit was pain.

To love her was my job; with no resentment but devotion,
Instead my heart was robbed; of commitment and emotion.

And although she had a child, that wasn't mine; it didn't bother me,
I was proud to love that child, as if he were mine; biologically.

Could he help it if he; didn't have a father to stay with them?
And so selfish was she; to take the only father away from him.

I will never understand in my life; someone like you,
To have already loss one man in your life; and so I'm strke two.

For I much rather have preferred; love that exist for worse or better,
But now it doesn't matter, love is just a word; that consists of four letters.

Pain was definitely meant for me; in this "game of love",
Because no blessing was ever sent to me; in the "name of love".

So hard do I try; to keep from writing these words,
But this heart begins to cry; and starts uniting these words.

From the very start, I was willing; to have the right to love,
But a broken heart, was the only feeling; of paying that price for love.

I now know, love wasn't the case; that's why my heart is dying,
Even though there's a smile on my face; inside my heart is crying.

I never meant, for our love to denounce; for it only left me alone again,
Now my residence, is just a house; never to be a home again.

Perhaps you laugh, when you're thinking of me; my heart was in your hand,
But it hurts to have no one to love me; so that only god would understand.

If only I had someone to rely on; when my rope is at its end,
But I don't even have a shoulder to cry on; lonely is my only friend.

Lonely is my only friend

Lonely Is My Only Friend by Emotional

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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