Happily Never After

by Emotional

What a thrill to find; a love that's true,
In the back of my mind; remain thoughts of you.

In makes no sense; why you won't come to me,
For I'm so convinced; that you're the one for me.

But as usual; the time is not right now,
And it's so unusual; to not have you in my life now.

My heart sings for you; if you could only hear it,
So this art I bring to you; to express my spirit.

But even words are worthless; to explain this miracle,
How my love for you has surfaced; and reached its pinnacle.

My love for you is undying; each day it gets stronger,
And each day I'm trying; to crave this hunger.

It's you that I want to be loving; for we have born a seed,
But to you these words mean nothing; it's just a poem to read.

How I wish I had more to offer; than just these nouns and verbs,
Perhaps we could walk the altar; and give meaning to these words.

Your love is what frees me; from all pain and labor,
But the only one who believes me; is this pen and paper.

You're my queen on the throne; someday my wife to be,
Simply by your existence alone; gives life to me.

A reason to live; is what she has given me,
So beautiful she is; in fact the epitome!

She's my power of majesty; without her I'm not the same,
Like a flower would die naturally; without water or rain.

And so I feel the pain; because her love I couldn't capture,
She didn't feel the same; and so I'm happily never after.

Happily Never After by Emotional

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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