Guilty Beauty

by Emotional 2

Here's a poem or story; of the beauty you possess
Surely here before me; I have been blessed

To witness the beauty; of one so incredible
For surely it is my duty; to express the inevitable

All that I am left to do; is observe you from a distance
Because simply standing next to you; my heart is defenseless

For I am trying to be strong; to resist your urge
But just your beauty alone; gives birth to these words

To write of you is not hard; for surely you are worth it
For I now believe in god; and know that he is perfect

Because simply he has to be; if your beauty he can create
For you are simply a masterpiece; with no flaws or mistakes

Any man's life, he would share with you; because of love at first sight
Even me, whenever I stare at you; my pen begins to write

Imagine being in love with you; with no formal introduction
Or even better, making love to you; submissive to your seduction

The beauty you possess, is somewhat scary; depending on the situation
Because even to a man, who was happily married; you would be his temptation

Surely something has happened since; being blessed by your sight,
Because of your beauty and its extravagance; these word now have life

In a matter of time, my heart is no longer is mine; and you never even knew me
But if beauty was a crime; you'd be punished every time; with the charge of  guilty beauty..

I was simply mesmerized by the beauty of black queen who had just simply passed by me
and simply said "hello".....I dedicate this to all the beautiful women....
inside and out...I'm truly a fan....

Guilty Beauty by Emotional 2

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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