Thanks For What You've Given Me

by Emotional 2

For no words could describe; what i feel today
I'm feeling so much inside; but don't know what to say

For surely it will take some time; to get over the loss we face
But we must constantly keep in mind; our love one is in a better place

But that's easier said than done; in this kind of situation,
This sadness I dread would come; in which we are facing

No remorse I have shown; and I have kept to myself
And I have tried to be strong; since the news of your death

But it would only be a lie; to deny that it hurts
So I won't even try; instead I'll be the first

To admit here today; that I probably was your biggest fan,
And how in your own special way; you touch me as a man

You've given me so much advice; about life and its situations
And I cherish the many nights; we shared in depth conversations

For I was traveling down a path; you had already been
You were good for this family to have; and certainly can depend

From a boy to a man, you've taught me; to enjoy life as I grow
Not to mention you've taught me; every card game I know

So one part is sad; for the loss of a great man
But the other half is glad; because he's holding god's hand

I'm sure god will be with him; because his heart was true
But my uncles, I had three of them; and now I have two

I'm sure all of us today' have our own special memory,
And so I stand here to say; "thanks for what you've given me"

RIP....Uncle Ted


Dedicated to the best uncle a nephew could have
Because in so many ways he was like a father to me
And all of my cousins....he will dearly be missed by so many....
But I know he would say that life goes on....
So RIP Uncle Ted, RIP...

Thanks For What You've Given Me by Emotional 2

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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