A Gigolo's Testament

by The Unknown Poet

Why do i turn these girls out; why do they need me
And every word out of my mouth; why do they believe me?
Surely i could never trust them; for their lies are perfected
And so the only time i love them; is when i am erected!
When my manhood is at attention; as if it's "froze up"
They assume the position; with their "ten toes up"
And once i'm inside them; their love is for me,
For i have to provide them; with this vitamin D
Their body is my desire; that i crave and lust
But from the passion and the fire; they're afraid to trust
The fact that i won't stall them or dog them like rover!
Or will i even call them; when this is all over?
And of course i lie and shit; not meaning a word i said
Just to baptize my d**K; in between their legs
Yes, for your information, my style is shameless
I'm blessed with certification; of providing MAINTENANCE!
Constantly have you visit me; because you can't get enough
Making you wet instantly; simply from my touch
Their body, it belonged to me; whenever i touched them
And it never seemed wrong to me; that i never loved them
To me it seemed funny; making them fall so easy
Taking all of their money; just to have them please me
But perhaps i got too cocky; and my attitude was BOLD
Because i met someone who would stop me; thinking my d**K was made of GOLD
I made her feel unlike no other; as if i would protect her
But she wasn't my sister or my mother; so why should i respect her?
But i found out the hard way; men and women are not the same
Men can lay and play all day; and think it's just a game
But when you make a woman feel good; and you easily attract her
And the loving is real good; her emotions are a factor!
For emotions are likely; just love as a token
And if taken lightly; a heart can be broken
I underestimated the way she felt; and all that she said
She was just another notch in my belt; another victim in my bed
She was just one of my lovers; she couldn't stop me
Until she caught me with another; and she SHOT ME!
I was all she needed; from this life of pain
She just couldn't believe it; i made others feel the same
Her love was just a game; that i had deal myself
And because i didn't feel the same; she KILLED HERSELF!
Lately my life is not right; and every thing seems wrong
I'm responsible for her life; and the reason she's gone
All because of a game; believing i was heaven sent
Never to be the same;  a gigolo's testament

A Gigolo's Testament by The Unknown Poet

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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