Forget Me Never

by Emotional

From me to you; there's something I need to say,
Without you, I have no clue; where I would be today.

Truly I feel you were the one for me; no matter the situation,
And what you have done for me; there is no compensation.

There once was a time; when love you were giving me,
But the only thing now on my mind; are simply the memories.

Perhaps it's my fault; with all that we've been through,
And if my body could talk; it would say that I miss you.

I'm constantly thinking of you; and my heart pays for that,
I would admit that I love you; but I know it's too late for that.

You yourself, can't denigh it; there was a flame we shared,
Although we both tried to hide it; for each other we cared.

I wish that I could kiss you; baby just one more time,
It's true, I really miss you; but your love is no longer mine.

You were my lover, my friend; my someday wife to be,
Now eachother again; we'll possibly never see.

Your love I can never replace; that's just how life goes,
But damn how I miss your face, your breast, and your toes.

Forgive me for making you sad; I admit I was wrong,
Now I'm missing what we had; because it's truly gone.

Your accusations brought me grief; they were so harsh and cold,
Regarding our situation, you're a thief; because my heart you stole.

I now have pain in my life; the kind that could drive one insane,
Because you're someone else's wife; with his love and name.

What we shared, I can never replace again; I cherish us forever,
And if you shall never see my face again; simply forget me never.

Forget me never...

Forget Me Never by Emotional

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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