That Fool Is Me

by Emotional

For the love we once shared; we blessed to find,
But that love has now failed; its test of time.

I thought with eachother we would grow old;for to be without is painful,
But as I walk, I've discovered no gold; at the end of our rainbow.

Because of a love no longer mine; this poem is read,
And now my sun no longer shines; but its storms instead.

With just the stare into eachother eyes; love is given birth again,
But is fair to remain in eachother's lives; only to make them worse again?

While upon my knees to my father in worship; a love I ask him to provide,
But I truly believe the devil overheard it; and sent her love in disguise.

All awhile I thought both of our hearts; shared a love so real,
But as result, I have scars on my heart; that no band-aid could heal.

Because true love wasn't the case; this heart of mine is dying,
Although there's a smile on my face; inside my heart is crying.

Because a love that would win, I tried to have that; and gave my true love,
But in the end only to be laughed at; and made a fool of.

To know her plan doesn't include you and as her man she'll use you,
Only a fool would stay,

To know her love not to be true but yet in still say "I do"
Only a fool would say,

To support a love that was never meant;
Only a fool would try,

And to believe her love was heaven sent;
Such a fool am I,

All this time I was so blind;
Like a fool would be,

But I've come to find, at the end of this line,
That fool is me

That Fool Is Me by Emotional

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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