End Of Story

by Destiny

Every minute and hour; I wanted to stay with you
Now I pray for the willpower; to stay away from you.

For our love was once strong; and I didn't want to part that,
But all awhile I was wrong; and I want my heart back.

No I won't denigh; that you have that possession
But your love was a lie; I've learned that lesson.

I believed in your love; so my heart I invested,
Only to be made a fool of; and pain digested.

To destroy you and I; how could you do this?
And to even ask why; seems so useless.

For it is your fault; our love has been emptied away,
As a result; this heart has plenty to say.

How is it, you were steady killing my life?
But still I was ready and willing to make you my wife.

My heart for sure; you've lost this time,
And the kids I'm sure; never crossed your mind.

We were made for eachother; but you didn't even bother,
For my daughter needed a mother; and your son needed a father.

We could've provided them hope; with god and his word,
Instead you've deprived them both; from what they deserve.

For you have turned against me; like treason,
Now our love is empty; for no reason.

I should've treated you the same; like the man before me,
And I'm sure you know his name;  end of story!

End of Story by Destiny

© Copyright2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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