So Emotional

by Destiny

Oh how I wish; I could relive days of you and I,
When just from your kiss; I was naturally high.

With such a sense of urgency; my love for you had surfaced,
And to love you for eternity; was my only purpose!

Never was I discontent; because your love was mine,
Our love was so innocent; but yet so hard to find.

To ever be without you; I hated to do,
Therefore my every word is about you; and dedicated to you.

I never thought in fact; one day our love would be scorned,
As a result of that; these words are born!

Only to be reminded; that we're no longer together,
Because in your heart you couldn't find it; to love me forever!

The only thing that mattered; was the fact that we last,
Instead my heart was shattered; as if it were glass!

It's no secret at all; that my heart has been broken,
Habits lately have evolved; such as drinking and smoking.

My love was killed tragically; and so this is my solution,
But it never brings you back to me; it's just a delusion.

Who would be the blame; for a love so uncontrollable?
Now just the mention of your name; makes me so emotional!

So Emotional by Destiny

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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