by Emotional

A day to remember; I am proud to say,
Is in the month of September; on the 19th day.

I was told through a dream; the night before,
That I would be father to a queen; to love and adore.

Good deeds she shall perform; and her presence is love,
And unto me she would be born; as a present from above.

God must've had a plan; about the world and its danger,
And so he blessed a man; to be the father of an angel.

Her father's love she would learn; is more precious than a pearl,
And that same love in return; she shall give back to the world.

Surely my father above; arranged this birth,
Because this type of love; doesn't exist on earth

That kind of love in the sky; beyond the trees and the birds,
The kind of love that makes me cry; while writing these words.

To spread love was hard; but I'm learning it now
Because now my heart; has a permanent smile.

I thank God for what's he's done; to bless me was his aim,
For God so loved his son; and so I love you just the same.

Because she is here now; life's condition I won't question,
Is it ever so clear now; the definition of a blessing.

To have something in my possession; which no one could pay a price,
That I live and die for, no question; each day of my life.

So this angel in disguise; God has sent to me forever,
Certainly there's no surprise; we were meant to be together,
Since the moment you opened your eyes; was my life so much better,
From the heavens in the skies; a blessing to endeavor.

I thank God for when you came; for he is truly blessing me,
For your birth alone is your name; and so you are destiny.

Destiny by Emotional

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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